Ritul Aditya

Here Comes the Radium...


My Interests are having long range as I am with flexible nature and always try to find fun and interest in each and everything that comes across to me, in short its not specific but has a variety. Few are :

  •  Sports, this itself includes variety from Soccer, Formula, Cricket but in favorite  and consistency terms its Lawn Tennis, have spent every evening for it in my last  semester.
  •  Web Designing, Thanks to my closest friends who gave environment for it in  2nd Year.
  •  Cooking, generated due to extensive sessions of cooking during my Germany  stay. Thanks to Mumma as my Mentor :P 
  •  Travelling, though it gradually diminishes after Euro Trip but I never let it away  from myself.
  •  Avoiding Novels/Series of Serials, bit uncommon hobby but I always try to  keep myself dynamic and these things never attracts me though I find large mass  of people around me diving in them.No matters, God plz keep them happy as  well.