Ritul Aditya

Here Comes the Radium...

About Me

Myself Ritul Aditya. I completed my B.Tech in Information Technology from National Institute of Technology-Jaipur. I had a great time there learning lots of fundas and exploring unusual things with friends and lot many people around.

I was born on 31st December 1988 at Bundi (Rajasthan), a city nestled in a narrow valley of the Aravali hills. 

Schooling  was wonderful, something that I would cherish for the rest of my life. The sports, the teachers, and learning, and most importantly my friends to whom I owe a lot of my early development as a person. I did my Schooling From Emmanuel Mission School, Kota (Rajasthan) and I specially recall those days for getting my habit of learning and time management.

It was the cut throat competitive environment in my home town Kota that placed me at NIT Jaipur and my flexible nature has targeted me to enjoy the  IT Branch here ( i never had dream of being S/W Engineer or some other specific engineer in past)  but I am always true to myself and always try to do best at wherever I am and I am trying this today as well and will keep on trying forever. And, then I got an Offer from Deloitte (one of the BIG 4s & Fortune 63rd Rank Company) through Campus Placement drive and moved to the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. It's been ~3 Years here, received many challenging opportunities at work & luckily all executions went perfect & operating in a fast track mode in the firm from continuous 3 years.  (Also another reason why i am still holding the same platform). 

Best Achievement I ever had till now is DAAD Scholarship for 2+ Months Summer Internship in Germany and meanwhile I have covered almost  every section of Europe including Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria & many more combining the best experience one can had in his Student Life.


Life has been a wonderful run of experiences so far, and I always try to keep learning from the things & people around me.